Mission & Vision

Synergy's mission speaks to why we exist and what we hope to achieve:

We work together as a community to disrupt educational inequity by providing high quality instruction, supports, and access for all students to excel.


Synergy’s founders intentionally chose the name “Synergy” because they believed that it is only by working together with students, parents, teachers, school staff and leaders, can we overcome the opportunity gaps that have led to inequitable outcomes for generations. This emphasis on working together is highlighted in Synergy’s mission, as well as the need for us to disrupt the systems that have perpetuated inequities in education.


We believe the path forward includes providing high quality instruction. Our instructional vision defines what we mean when we say “high quality instruction:”

At Synergy, high quality instruction engages students in grade-level learning, affirms who they are, and prepares them to excel academically, socially, and civically.


High quality instruction is key to provide opportunities for every student to achieve, and it must start by giving every student the opportunity to interact with material and tasks that are at grade-level. Even when students may be achieving below grade-level, we believe it is our job to scaffold learning to help them meet the grade-level expectation, rather than limiting learning opportunities.


Synergy also works to provide supports for students that include socio-emotional supports through school-based counseling, extracurricular supports for expanding learning outside of the classroom, and parent and family education to build support between school and home. Additionally, Synergy aims to provide students with access to greater learning opportunities that prepare them for success in college and career.


As STEM-focused schools, Synergy prioritizes math and science instruction for all students. As part of the core curriculum, math and science are taught in ways that highlight conceptual knowledge, and encourage critical thinking and exploration. Technology is used as a critical tool for learning and communication, as students at the elementary level begin to learn not only how to use technology as a user and consumer, but also as a creator and maker. Hands-on learning experiences in engineering and computer science begin at the elementary level, and Synergy builds on these experiences as students begin to explore STEM careers in middle school, and have the opportunity to complete Career Technical Education pathways in Engineering and Computer Science in high school.